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of the Wings of Flight contest

Mission: «Together we will make the world a bit better place»

Hurray! The names of the contest
second stage winners
and gifts are
announced. Everything can be
viewed by the button below:
Legal representatives of the winners
should confirm the participation of children
in the final events until December 10
by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order to avoid falling behind in search we have made fast navigation. After reviewing the materials under these buttons, you will easily enter the current course of the contest.

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Rules of the second stage of the contest

Highly desirable for review

Yes, it's a tricky one, but it's better to know right away

Who got to the second stage? Who which portfolio has? Answers under the button

At the moment there was an assessment of the works placed in this section

How was evaluated? The portfolio evaluation system can be viewed on this page

P.S. Only ten criteria, for each of them the jury put a score from 1 to 10

And who evaluated? Short answer: international jury

Long answer as well as biographies of the jury members under the button

The long-awaited table with the results of the second stage. Winners and prizes are all here!

We see good and high-quality work of the Organizing Committee, jury and participants

What is it? Just what the winners of the second stage need

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