Holding children’s creativity competition
The international Children’s Visual Arts Competition
“Creative Wings”

Visual arts and crafts
Competition organizer:
Canada: Studio d’art et de design Fedor Panko (Fedor Panko Arts and Design Studio), 6850 Bombardier, St-Léonard, Qc, Canada H1P 3K5
The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the Russian and Ukrainian International Young Talent Contest at the age of 9 to 17 years, left without parents and living in orphanages or in the care of relatives, as well as in foster families.
Competitions are held in three stages:
1) Painting/Drawing;
2) Portfolio;
3) Workshop.
Artworks are evaluated in three age divisions:
Children aged 9-11 yrs;
Children aged 12-14 yrs;
Children aged 15-17 yrs.
The criteria for children’s artwork evaluation are artistic depth and expression, originality and individual, unassisted creation of an artwork. But the main thing is how children express themselves, their creativity in their works. Various categories for nomination help contestants to bring out their full artistic potential and receive a deserved appraisal from a reputable jury.
Organizational Committee (16 members). The Organizational Committee of contests held by the Distance Education Center for Creative and Intellectual Growth “The Wings of Creativity” is a collective body of degreed educators with more than 15 years of working experience. Its function is to provide methodological and technical support for events and work of contest committees, professional evaluation of artworks presented, and making decisions of choice and awarding the winners.
The Chairwoman of the Organizational Committee (Canada): G. Boichuk.
The Chairwoman of the Organizational Committee (Russia): T. Karniz
The Chairwoman of the Organizational Committee (Ukraine): A. Chernenko
Independent reputable jury (12 members) consists of the group of experts that award the prizes at exhibitions. The geography of the judges, which represent different countries (Canada, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria), makes our competition truly international.
The Chairman of the Judges: Serik Kulmeshkenov (the USA).
The jury evaluates each work by 0-10 points.
Budget Committee (4 members) is a subdivision of the Organizational Committee. They deal with the financial arrangement of the contest.
Aim and Objectives of the Competition:
- to provide opportunities for children’s self-fulfillment ;
- discover and support gifted and talented children;
- promote the development of intellectual and environmental potential of child’s personality;
- nurture love to creativeness, beauty, and art;
- nurture an aesthetic attitude towards art;
- stimulate cognitive interests of a child;
- develop skills in visual arts;
- facilitate upgrade training of educators from different kinds of establishments that work with school-aged children; to discover creative educators and provide opportunities for their self-fulfillment;
- stimulate children and educators to participate in network projects;
- encourage children and educators;
- provide an opportunity to compete within a distant contest on a larger scale, outside the boundaries of a particular establishment or region;
We wish you artistic achievements and victories! It’s time to create, learn, and get awarded for your efforts!

Stage 1

The subject can be different. You pick one subject that you are interested in, and place it into one of the following categories:
A. What I want to become in the future.
B. Beloved friend (person, animal).
C. The promised land (nature, beloved city, village, etc.)
D. What I do not like.
E. Favorite book.
The requirements for presented artworks:
The size is A3 (297×420 mm (11,7×16,5 in). The work must be individual. The artwork can be executed in different ways and techniques: on paper, cardboard or canvas; in pencil, crayon, watercolors, gouache, pastel, sanguine, charcoal, tempera, oils etc.
All artworks, presented for this contest, are posted on open access in the gallery on the website of our contest for free. You need to fill out an application form and then check your result in a special table. You need to register in order to participate.
On the reverse side of your work in the bottom left corner you should write down the following data:
a. The title of the picture.
b. Art technique used.
c. Contestant’s first and last names.
d. Contestant’s date of birth.
e. Region.
f. Address.
g. Phone number, e-mail.
h. School, grade.
i. Full legal name of one of the legal guardians.
j. Educators who prepared the contestant: full legal name, occupation, place of employment.
All artworks, presented for this contest , are posted as photo versions in the gallery of the contest on website www HYPERLINK ""HYPERLINK ""on open access. We accept only electronic versions of artworks for this contest. The file may be of any format, but its size must not exceed 1 Mb.
Submission of artworks: from 15 January 2018 to 30 March 2018 inclusive.
Results summarizing:
The winners are defined based on the results in each age division:
The best contestants will be awarded with a diploma.
By the decision of the jury some individuals may be awarded with special certificates and prizes of appreciation.
The best artworks by the results of the contests will be exhibited in public places. The best 150 artworks will be brought to Canada for the exposition : "L'espace contemporain" (Modern space), 5175, avenue Papineau, Montréal. (2019 г.)
150 contestants and their teachers will be presented with the certificates "Exposition du Canada".
Child’s legal guardians must send an artwork before 1 July 2018. The works should NOT be rolled or bent or have any frames or mounts.
Postal address:
Russia: 121615, Moscow, Rublevsky highway, 18, building 1, kv.4. Karyna Tetyana Anatolievna.
Ukraine: Dnipropetrovsk region., Kamenskaya, 51900, medical street 26.
Canada: Galyna Boichuk, Vitraux Prestige 6850 Rue Bombardier, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 3K5
⦁ Younger children who showed better results, 3 people, receive grants to the camp at sea.
⦁ First place, Second place, Third place: - ticket to the international camp "Artek-Bukovel" (Summer, 2018)
The youngest children from the first age division do not take part in the second stage.
25 children from the second age division and 25 children from the third age division take part in the second stage of the competition – Portfolio.
Portfolio – a photo album or a compilation of work samples, that are illustrative of a child’s creative potential.

Stage 2
Pictorial or decorative arts/crafts

Stage 2 is devoted to different kinds of creative work, where you can present your works for our objective evaluation. The artworks should be aimed at formation of child’s creative personality, social choice of content, methods, techniques and forms.
Works can be presented in any art genre and technique : drawing, painting, hand-crafted items of paper/wood/cloth/clay/plasticine etc. , embroidery, folk art, weaving, wickerwork, platting, knitting, clothes making, toy making, stage costumes, cut-out, photocollage, patchwork, assemblage, stained glass, all kinds of cutting out, vytynanky, carving, decoupage, collage, construction sets, molding, miniature, soap making, sculpture, felting, images made with the help of graphics editor and so on.
You should present 10-25 works.
Submission of artworks: 1 Septemper 2018 – 1 November 2018 inclusive.
Hand-crafted items may be made of different materials.
Send your portfolio to our websitewww HYPERLINK ""HYPERLINK ""or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You will receive an official notification that your work was admitted to consideration during three days. If this doesn’t happen, re-send the e-mail with a note “re-sent” in the subject of the letter.
Download and fill out a contestant’s application form. In the subject of the letter.
a. Code number;
b. Full name of the contestant;
c. Child’s photo;
d. The title of the work;
e. The techniques used;
f. Width, height, depth;
g. Creative work and exhibitions;
h. Full names of educators, who prepared a child and helped with this contest, their occupation.
Results summarizing: by 25 November 2018.
Based on the results of evaluation of contestants’ works, the Organizational Committee chooses winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each category) and runners-up (honorees and diploma winners).
2nd age division:
Second place: computer + and trips to the international camp "Artek-Bukovel
Third place: tablet + and trips to the international camp "Artek-Bukovel." (Summer, 2019)
4 children: 2nd age division, first place; 3rd age division: first, second and third places – travel-grant to Canada.
All contestants and winners will be awarded with certificates and diplomas.
Non-winning contestants will receive certificates for participation (22 people from 2nd and 3rd age division each).
For contestants from the 3rd age division we can write a recommendation letter to educational institutions (universities, colleges, professional schools) both in Russia and abroad or make a request for employment.
Winners and runners-up are awarded with a diploma.
The decision of the Organizational Committee is final, not subject to comment or appeal.
Final documents (diplomas and certificates) are sent to the contestants during 2 months after the announcements of the results of the contests.
Contestant’s final document contains:
1. Full name of the contestant;
2. The title of his/her educational establishment (abbreviation, city/town/village);
3. The contest title;
4. The contest category;
5. Points given by the Organizational Committee;
6. Contest date;
7. The signature of the Chairwoman of the Organizational Committee;
8. The signature of the Chairman of the Jury;
9. Seal.

Stage 3

In Canada there are a great number of private schools. While in Canada, children will study art and design at “Studio d’art et de design Fedor Panko”.
I. The Art of Stained Glass Painting.
1. The mastery of stained glass painting: Tiffany techniques – 20 hours.
2. The mastery of stained glass painting: Making lamps, lamp-shades (shortened course) – 16 hours.
3. Making stained glass painting using the technique “Lead Came” – 4 hours. Workshop.
4. Fusing – 6 hours.
5. Making thermal packets/panels – 2 hours. Workshop.
II. Academic Art Education
1. Composition and chromatics – 5 hours. Workshop.
III. Applied Art.
Petrykivka painting – 15 hours. Workshop.
The course at “Studio d’art et de design Fedor Panko” is free of charge.

Today it has long been recognized that the process of education is not limited by school only. As a result of cooperation between schools and cultural institutions new educational opportunities has been discovered. Some countries have long history of such cooperation, but its scale and efficiency vary greatly. Close partnership links led to the development of innovative programs, mainly in form of visiting such cultural institutions. This allows students to get more information, meet creative people, watch creative processes and participate in them. It also gives great opportunities in complex education practice. In primary education, where children absorb visual learning materials, close cooperation between institutions can enrich teaching methods. And winning is a very important element in formation of confidence and reasonable self-esteem. A contest helps to stand out, be the best. And earned diplomas for winners and certificates for participants will encourage and push children to build their success for further creative and professional growth.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee (Canada):                                                               G. Boichuk
Chairman of the Organizing Committee (Russia):                                                                 T. Karniz
Chairman of the organizing committee (Ukraine):                                                                A. Chernenko
Chairman of the jury: (United States of America):                                                                S. Kulmeshkenov