Results for the contest second stage

Dear guests and jury members!

The second stage of the competition "Portfolio. Painting, Decorative and Applied Art" came to an end. The stage was devoted to various types of creativity, aimed at forming the personality of the child. Up to the next stage of the "Wings of Flight" 60 participants from the middle and senior groups took place. Portfolios sent 35 people. Children sent very good works!

It's time to announce the names of the winners:

I. Travel-grants for a trip to Canada
- Rinchinova Nomin    Russia
- Skladchikova Viktoriya    Russia
- Starchenko Nadezhda    Russia
- Korshunova Milena    Ukraine
- Antonenkova Ekaterina    Russia - 18 years old, exchange student (English, design), Russian group + work in Canada;
- Bobrovnikova Aleksandra    Russia - the winner who has not entered the main list for participation in the final events of the project in Canada. She is in the reserve list and will be invited if one of the main members of the invited guests does not confirm their consent to the arrival.

II. Trips to the international camp "Artek-Bukovel"
- Sorokina Vera    Russia
- Ignatko Marina    Ukraine

IІI. Computer
- Tkacheva Dar'ya    Russia

IV. Tablets
- Dzherihova Ekaterina    Russia
- Kolobova Irina    Russia
- Rihter Nadezhda    Ukraine

V. Gifts
- Zolotarskij Semyon    Russia
- Razumov Valerij    Russia
- Petryakova Anastasiya    Russia
- Polyakova Natal'ya    Russia
- Bobrovnikova Aleksandra    Russia
- Hvostikov Kirill    Russia
- Nikonova Vera    Russia
- Sendeckaya Alina    Ukraine
- Koltunivs'ka Lyudmila    Ukraine
- Isoyan Daniil    Russia

VI. Teacher of drawing - we will announce soon :)

The ranking of the participants and the average points are published below.


Tatiana Frolova is a pupil of Libezhevsky
orphanage “Ship” in the Nizhny Novgorod
region, she is 13 years old. We hope
that you will correct the mistake
Legal representatives of the winners
should confirm the participation of children
in the final events until December 10
by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Offer for children completing 11th grade:
Petrikovka international professional school №79 offers
the artist’s initial vocational training for painting on wood
(Petrikov painting), 3-5 category: 10 months of study; without
exam; good teachers; there is a dormitory for students, meals;
scholarship; paints, brushes, palette knife, paper - as a gift.
Our address: 51800, Dnipropetrovsk region, Petrikov district,
smt. Petrikovka, Petr Kalnyshevsky Avenue, 73 (look
please on the internet "петриковская роспись фото")
Our website


Place Country Participant Average Gifts
1  Russia Rinchinova Nomin 9.57 Trip to Canada
2  Russia Sorokina Vera 9.36 Trip to Artek-Bukovel
3  Russia Skladchikova Viktoriya 9.34 Trip to Canada
4  Russia Starchenko Nadezhda 9.30 Trip to Canada
5  Russia Dzherihova Ekaterina 9.29 Tablet
6  Russia Kolobova Irina 9.16 Tablet
7  Russia Tkacheva Dar'ya 9.07 Computer
8  Ukraine Korshunova Milena 8.97 Trip to Canada
9  Russia Zolotarskij Semyon 8.96 Gift
10  Russia Razumov Valerij 8.80 Gift
11  Russia Petryakova Anastasiya 8.77 Gift
12  Russia Antonenkova Ekaterina 8.65 Exchange student
13  Russia Polyakova Natal'ya 8.65 Gift
14  Russia Bobrovnikova Aleksandra 8.54 Gift
15  Ukraine Ignatko Marina 8.48 Trip to Artek-Bukovel
16  Russia Hvostikov Kirill 8.47 Gift
17  Russia Nikonova Vera 8.42 Gift
18  Ukraine Sendeckaya Alina 8.41 Gift
19  Ukraine Koltunivs'ka Lyudmila 8.34 Gift
20  Russia Isoyan Daniil 8.31 Gift
21  Russia Bogdanova Arina 8.27 -
22  Russia Kryukova Elizaveta 8.27 -
23  Russia Gibanova Arina 8.26 -
24  Russia Kucherenko Renata 8.11 -
25  Russia Knyaz'kov Ivan 8.09 -
26  Russia Kochenkova Tamara 8.06 -
27  Russia Isoyan Ekaterina 8.00 -
28  Russia Filyakova Anastasiya 7.97 -
29  Ukraine Koltunivs'kyj Vladislav 7.95 -
30  Ukraine Rihter Nadezhda 7.95 Tablet
31  Russia Sibrina Kristina 7.82 -
32  Russia Vyatkina Veronika 7.67 -
33  Russia Kuznecova Tat'yana 7.54 -
34  Russia Fedorova Tat'yana 7.50 -
35  Russia Sharonova Alina 7.15 -


200 best works will be presented in the gallery "L'espace contemporain"
from August 6 to 11, 2019