Stage one: "Drawing"


Thank you all for participating!

Drawings can be viewed in the archive by following this link:

♦ Archive "Drawing"


Stage two: "Portfolio"

Children of the middle (12-14 years old) and older (15-17 years old) age groups take part in the second stage of the contest - “Portfolio”. Creative works are accepted for the competition aimed at shaping the creative personality of the child (social choice of content, methods, techniques, forms)

♦ Participants' portfolios of the second stage

♦ Second stage evaluation criteria

♦ The second stage scores

Stage three: "Master Class"

As a result of the development of partnerships between schools and cultural institutions, new educational opportunities are opening up, which include meetings with creative people, direct observation of the creative process and the participation of schoolchildren in them. So during the stay of the contestants they will be offered free training in art and design in the private “Art and Design Studio of Fyodor Panco” with issuing certificates

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